Getting started and my take on space

I am currently working on various issues which would take some time to mull over. So until then, I would just like to give my quick take on the issue of investing in space travel (modern day space travel, not the politically charged ones in the 1960s).

I am of the opinion that space travel would lead toward sustainable development, which is defined as the inclusion of social, economic and environmental growth.

The Earth is becoming more polluted and temperatures are rising. Will it become uninhabitable one day? Possibly, but we do have an alternative and that is living in space, so here’s hoping that space travel would lead to having sphere of improved environmental quality for us to live in.

Space remains an untapped frontier despite the business opportunities. Markets on Earth are likely to be finite because population would stabilise at some point, which means there is a limit to how many customers you can sell to. Furthermore, resources are finite and some of the required elements in todays’s technology may not be sufficient for the future. Innovation is changing to reflect that as people start to focus on technologies that are in sync with the expectation that there is growing scarcity. Space would change that by opening up new resource deposits that would enable us to overcome challenges like production of energy and at the basic level, having enough raw materials.

Finally, space travel would improve the quality of life. Who wouldn’t want to have the experience of living in space? The mysterious quality of the unknown attracts inquisitive beings – us.

P.S. This is not an in depth analysis of benefits of space travel but it is something I always wanted to blog about, and since I am running out of time, this is about all that I can write.